The Wrath of Mark Minter

It’s been less than a year since my acquaintance with the ‘sphere but I can unequivocally say that my perspective regarding most topics in relationships between the sexes couldn’t be more different than it was before. You could say I was the typical feminist-sympathetic indoctrinated to the point of self-effacing emasculation. I took the lie that to be male was to be in essence a deficient being needing correction and re-orientation. Most in the ‘sphere know this sentiment only too well. Most of you reading this will be familiar with the denial that arises when confronted with the all too raw observations that are the social equivalent to a kick in the face that is the reality of the SMP. Early on, I was exposed to the views of brothers like Mentu, Ashur, the Captain, the three R’s, Solomon, Deti and of course Mark Minter. To say I was surprised by what they had to say would be an understatement.

“This is too heinous.” I would tell myself.

“It can’t be like this.”

“These men are just bitter.”

“Why have conditions between the sexes degenerated to such a low?”

“How did such social inequality come about?”

“Why was such sexual disparity allowed to happen in the first place?”

These were a few of the queries I would ask myself the more I was exposed to the ideas of the ‘sphere. The more I would read, the more these questions would find their proper context and explanations for some of them begin to materialize. It was almost eerie how explanations to the social malaise I experienced and witnessed throughout my adolescence and subsequent adulthood fell into place with an almost formulaic ease. It was as if the relations between men and women followed a Pavlovian script. I would read about experiences that save for the individual details would uncannily mirror my own (M3 shout out!). But most importantly, I began to get wise to the game so as not to be completely at the whim of its caprice.

One commenter in particular did throw me for a loop though. It would seem that MM has been put through the wringer which of course would leave an imprint on anyone but at first it was almost too much for me. The vitriol I would read from him would grate on my easy-going sensibilities. “It can’t be as bad as all that.” I would muse. But the more comments I read from him, the more mental nuggets to ponder I would find. I believe it was through one of Roosh’s posts on which he commented that I begin to get a better sense of where the man was coming from. To paraphrase, MM mentioned that women today view men as being subpar. Even the men they choose to have relations with from among those they deem eligible are seen as disposable. Everything in the culture enables them to disqualify these men for the slightest perceived infractions with impunity and with no consequence.

Shit test straight out the gate? No problem. It’s your prerogative girl!

Guy showing interest early on? He’s too needy. Go ahead and ditch that creep!

Orbiter offers commitment? He doesn’t generate tingles so just LJBF his ass!

MM is right. Why should a red pill aware man knowingly and willingly support such shoddy and reprehensible behaviour from females? Why is it not only seen as okay but encouraged to disqualify men in as many ways as possible? I don’t know of any studies supporting this but I have read that women will filter around 80 percent of males from their field of attention. That’s the majority of men, *poof!* gone. Yes I know, hypergamy mechanics but still. That’s a lot of SMP losers out there when looked at in those terms.

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