What It’s Like

I’ve been meaning to write about a seminal post of M3’s since it dropped as it’s been on my mind as of late. M3 himself has mentioned he’s taken aback by the impact it’s had with readers. I’ll admit that it also hit close to home. Closer than I’d like to admit, even to myself. Granted, no situation is identical but reading some of his thoughts on what his late adolescence and most of his twenties comprised of was heart and mind-wrenching. In fact, I could’ve listed off about 80% of his grievances had I set out to write a similar post myself.

There was a comment made on his post (and reiterated later) that the loss of time, attention, validation and concern that he showed to unappreciative and uncaring women unwilling to reciprocate even 1% of what he gave will never be regained. When it was crucial to have had validation as a sexual being, been shown affection, felt as being a love-worthy person, no one cared. It is precisely this that resonated with me and I’m guessing with most everyone that read his post.

I too followed a social and sexual script that fed the lie that all you had to be was “nice” and congenial to the opposite sex and you would be rewarded. For most of my adolescent and adult life I was fed a sugar-coated poison that compelled me to defer my own social, sexual, and psychological well-being to my own detriment, to waylay the natural sexual expression of entering adulthood for the insignificance of hearing things such as “not wanting to ruin a good friendship”, “make things awkward” or “not wanting to date anyone right now”. All the while, witnessing these same snowflakes turn around and offer their bodies and affection to the crassest specimens of the male species, their words still echoing in my ears.

Situations like this is what happens when men allow themselves to get lapdogged by women.



All over the ‘sphere, one is regaled with anecdotes from men of how they did everything that was expected of them in order to please and get attention from women and all they got for their efforts was years (decades for some) of neglect, LJBF’ing, loneliness, humiliation and a widespread sense of personal inadequacy.

Women truly have no idea what it’s like for a man in the midst of the purgatory that is involuntary celibacy. M3, along with so many others, have succinctly conveyed some of the feelings that accompany this state so I won’t really go much into it here. Suffice it to say that once one becomes wise to the Western (global really) sexual milieu there really is no going back. What’s curious though is that men that are still pre-Red are aware at some level that things in the SMP just aren’t altogether peachy. I know I was. There is an awareness of the growing malaise in inter-sexual relations everywhere but the current sexual climate blinds the majority of people as to its ruinous effects, which is why it is so important for men to share with one another their stories and knowledge.

If you haven’t yet, go and read M3’s post (link above). Better yet, share your own stories with other men you think might benefit from them.

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