Round and round we go…

Take stock of your surroundings and see if what follows applies even a little to your situation. If you’re a man, chances are that you fall loosely into three categories. Either you are:
1. Married (we won’t presume to say happily as only you can answer that query), in some kind of civil partnership or in at the very least in a LTR. If so, congratulations. You are in the minority or on track to being so in the foreseeable future.
2. Single (whether by choice or not) but hopeful that you will eventually find a significant other to settle down with. I will argue that finding yourself in this category promises to give you more heartache and disappointment in the long run than any other. There are myriad perils waiting to ensnare you and it is up to you to be discerning in your choices in order to sidestep them or at least minimize their fallout.
3. A man with options. You are beholden to no one but yourself and, depending on your moral code and ultimate goals, you are free in ways others can only aspire to.
I want to focus momentarily on the last two. I do so mainly because I have never been married and so cannot speak from that frame of reference in the manner necessary. Join me in evaluating your relationship and sexual history if only as a thought exercise. Are you satisfied with the quality and quantity of your experiences? If so, congratulations again. You really do lead a charmed life. If not, why would you say that is the case? Whoever or whatever you hold responsible for the outcome, remember that whatever results you got, they had their beginnings and endings in the SMP and nowhere else. The SMP is the arena where the relational battles between men and women are fought, or rather, for an increasing majority, where they’re lost and won by default. Regardless of sex, the SMP will assign you a place in it and will do so mercilessly. The SMP doesn’t care if you have good intentions. It doesn’t care if you’re kind-hearted, honest, hard-working or altruistic. No, it will not reward those who would make good husbands or partners early in their adult lives or show promise in being so in the future. What it will do is reward cad-like behaviour. It will favour those who act like assholes to women, those who use women sexually and emotionally at their whim. The pump ‘n’ dump mentality will not only be rewarded in spades by women but eagerly sought out before the shelf life of the current experience has expired. Women (feminists especially) vociferate loudly against these conditions but keep in mind that these situations are exacerbated by women themselves. If enough women would guard against facilitating these same conditions, their occurrence wouldn’t be so prevalent. Conditions in the SMP are such that non-game, non- PUA men who otherwise find that they still want women, still want relationships with women are on the sidelines, wallflowered by default with no recourse but to see the dance play out in front of them.
In contrast, for a man who is seen by women as being of high status, the world, at least sexually, is his oyster. Such a man is not limited by the conditions that beset his lower status, beta peers. Not only is he assigned a different status in the SMP, he helps bolster and set the markers by which others are measured within it. An alpha or otherwise high status male will have the pick of the lot when it comes to women, and as his status affords him ever more choice, the less he will be inclined to assign any significant value to an individual woman. As with quite a few other things in the SMP, you will see an inverse relationship when it comes to the value of individuals the more they are seen as options. For instance, what is the value of a McFling or otherwise casual hook-up? It depends. At the bottom of the scale, aside from the small time commitment, pretty much nothing as that is what an alpha will usually give up for an all-access pass to a woman’s vagina. And at the top? Well, pretty much nothing also as non-alpha or non-game men need not apply, unless you happen to be a beta orbiter or an emotional tampon that she can use at her whim for hamster feeding which will emasculate you in her mind near the scale of handing over your man bits to her on a platter. Keep in mind an high status male would never belittle himself as to be the shoulder a woman would cry on after never hearing back from the latest stud she allowed to blitzkrieg her erogenous zones. An alpha would rather feed her his dangleberries while still intact.
It would seem that women just don’t get it (and a lot of men too for that matter). Basic economics dictates that the more scarce something is, the higher the price it will be assigned by those who value it. When women are sexually promiscuous, their value as long-term partners in which men commit all their resources plummets. Why is this so? Well, despite the wishes of feminists, countless generations of evolutionary psychology and social environment conditions have adapted men and women to respond to certain traits when it comes to mate selection and despite all the foot stomping and ire from some camps, this state of affairs won’t be undone as long as women and men can reproduce sexually, let alone be done away with in the time frame of a century. Evolutionarily, women’s value as mates rests primarily in their youth and beauty (and childlessness prior to marriage or its equivalent I might add). Feminism, in the last century has systematically worked to jettison the sexual, social and psychological differences between the sexes and even the genetic parameters by which that difference is measured. It seems that in their search for equal opportunity, some feminists have equated equality of worth with preemption of identity. Some feminists claim that no sphere of action, no area of competition should be barred from them. They eschew any opinion to the contrary as an affront to their agency and self-realization. What man would want a woman who claims to be capable of doing everything he can do and of doing it better? What man would want a woman who claims not to need him emotionally, physically or in any other way? Certainly not me and judging by the number of men dropping out or GTOW, certainly not them either. Of course, they are “strong” women so they’ve got their independence and freedom to fall back on when times are tough, or at least for as long as it takes to ride out their next dry spell. Another blogger put it succinctly when he said such women “have abandoned the best features of their own sex for the worst features of the other”.
Of course, some men aren’t completely blameless in perpetuating some of the ills of the SMP. I am referring to those who indiscriminately give of their time, money and emotional commitment to unappreciative and otherwise undeserving women. In a word, don’t. Don’t be a sponge to her entitled and misandrous ways. At the expense of sounding crude, don’t ever spend money (or any type of resource, whether it be time, emotional commitment, etc.) on a bitch you’re not banging. Don’t “man up and marry that slut already”. Who wants a 37 year old, busted up carousel veteran that finally wants to take the marital plunge after nearly two decades of finding herself all the while using up the best years of her youth and having left behind the apex of her beauty to reward the men to whom she was just a fun time. Just be mindful that if you do decide to put a ring on it, the stats say that the odds against you funding her adventures in Eating (it up), (not much) Praying, and (lotsa) Loving without you are about half. Don’t pedestalize women. They’ve got their flaws just as the next guy does. Work towards so that women will once again value the resources that men have to offer and maybe then things will start changing.

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