Brothers In Arms

Deti has been getting some heat lately and I’m baffled as to why. From what I’ve read, he has been spot on with his pronouncements. I liken it to him having his finger on the pulse of the modern sexual zeitgeist with cardiograph precision. If you’re doubtful, just take a look at this comment of his on another blog:

You want to know the damage feminism did to society and is still doing to society?

It’s all around us.

Women have made themselves unmarriageable. They can’t or won’t pair bond to the men willing to marry them. The men they want to marry won’t marry them. (It’s nothing personal. Those men aren’t going to marry anybody.)

Men and women are passing around STDs like doobies at frat parties. It’s all out there, even a new drug resistant gonorrhea. Men and women both are increasingly crudded up and involuntarily sterilized by the various parasitic organisms growing in their petri dish pelvises.

Women collectively have been given responsibilities far beyond their abilities and moral sensibilities. Government has given women the power of life and death over their babies. The result? Millions upon milions of children slaughtered while in their mothers’ wombs, at their mothers’ hands. Women should not be allowed this Godlike power. It’s not too far a leap to women being allowed to end a live child’s life.

The unleashing of hypergamy or concupiscence on society has caused untold pain for mililons of families. Women turning up their noses at good men, holding out for the alpha. Women sexing alphas, hoping to parlay that sex into a relationship and eventually marriage; and failing most of the time. Women pricing themselves out of the marriage market by either waiting too long or racking up a too-high N. Women working increasingly demanding jobs, taking those jobs from men who can do them better, outearning men and making fewer men attractive to them, and stressing themselves out, making themselves less attractive to men who otherwise might want them.

And what of the men?

Average non-player men are getting women’s messages loud and clear. The message they are receiving is that women don’t want them. Period. Not for marriage, not for sex, not even for after-work dates. No, the average man’s utility to a woman is to buy them whatever they want, fix their flat tires and get them out of whatever predicaments they have found themselves in (so long as the woman doesn’t have to get involved with him). Increasingly, men can’t get educations, women, or work.

He’s told “get to college so you can get a job and find a woman.” College costs money and lots of it. What’s he to do, borrow himself and mortgage his life before it’s even started?

He’s told “be nice, and be yourself”. BS. Those are lines women tell men so as to identify the nice, dull, boring, dependable men, so the women know which men to avoid.

He’s told “go to church to meet a nice woman. There are lots and lots of them there!” BS. Church women are either (1) retread 29 YO + sluts looking for a dumbf**k beta to wife them up as they alight from the carousel; (2) hopelessly unattractive girls; and (3) entitled evangelical American princess “daughters of the King”. The first are toxic death to him; the second are out of the question; and he wouldn’t be able to get a girl from the third category even to talk to him, much less marry him. In fact the girls from the third category are the originators of what has become known as the “nuclear rejection”: the phenomenon in which the girl laughs at, loudly and pointedly shoots down or publicly rejects a man who kindly and politely approaches.

As the economy continues to shrink with men unable and then unwilling to be productive, the women will shout louder for more government intervention. There will be calls for more social programs, more medical programs, and more wealth transfers from men to women. The purpose is to make sure that women are cared for and have what they need.

What do we think will happen to a society in which we have millions of men who have no sex, no women, no jobs, no money, and no legal or socially sanctioned ways to get any of them?

And why should any of these men even try? If they have no chance of winning at the game they’ve been dropped into, why should they even play?

Hard to deny the logic. In fact, this could’ve stood on its own merit as a proper post on his site. Deti, keep bringing it.

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2 Responses to Brothers In Arms

  1. M3 says:

    Deti’s run on sentences are like a freight train of truth charging towards it’s logical conclusion.

    Feminism is like that women from ‘Banned from TV’ getting nailed by that freight train.

  2. wayofmen says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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