The Wrath of Mark Minter

It’s been less than a year since my acquaintance with the ‘sphere but I can unequivocally say that my perspective regarding most topics in relationships between the sexes couldn’t be more different than it was before. You could say I was the typical feminist-sympathetic indoctrinated to the point of self-effacing emasculation. I took the lie that to be male was to be in essence a deficient being needing correction and re-orientation. Most in the ‘sphere know this sentiment only too well. Most of you reading this will be familiar with the denial that arises when confronted with the all too raw observations that are the social equivalent to a kick in the face that is the reality of the SMP. Early on, I was exposed to the views of brothers like Mentu, Ashur, the Captain, the three R’s, Solomon, Deti and of course Mark Minter. To say I was surprised by what they had to say would be an understatement.

“This is too heinous.” I would tell myself.

“It can’t be like this.”

“These men are just bitter.”

“Why have conditions between the sexes degenerated to such a low?”

“How did such social inequality come about?”

“Why was such sexual disparity allowed to happen in the first place?”

These were a few of the queries I would ask myself the more I was exposed to the ideas of the ‘sphere. The more I would read, the more these questions would find their proper context and explanations for some of them begin to materialize. It was almost eerie how explanations to the social malaise I experienced and witnessed throughout my adolescence and subsequent adulthood fell into place with an almost formulaic ease. It was as if the relations between men and women followed a Pavlovian script. I would read about experiences that save for the individual details would uncannily mirror my own (M3 shout out!). But most importantly, I began to get wise to the game so as not to be completely at the whim of its caprice.

One commenter in particular did throw me for a loop though. It would seem that MM has been put through the wringer which of course would leave an imprint on anyone but at first it was almost too much for me. The vitriol I would read from him would grate on my easy-going sensibilities. “It can’t be as bad as all that.” I would muse. But the more comments I read from him, the more mental nuggets to ponder I would find. I believe it was through one of Roosh’s posts on which he commented that I begin to get a better sense of where the man was coming from. To paraphrase, MM mentioned that women today view men as being subpar. Even the men they choose to have relations with from among those they deem eligible are seen as disposable. Everything in the culture enables them to disqualify these men for the slightest perceived infractions with impunity and with no consequence.

Shit test straight out the gate? No problem. It’s your prerogative girl!

Guy showing interest early on? He’s too needy. Go ahead and ditch that creep!

Orbiter offers commitment? He doesn’t generate tingles so just LJBF his ass!

MM is right. Why should a red pill aware man knowingly and willingly support such shoddy and reprehensible behaviour from females? Why is it not only seen as okay but encouraged to disqualify men in as many ways as possible? I don’t know of any studies supporting this but I have read that women will filter around 80 percent of males from their field of attention. That’s the majority of men, *poof!* gone. Yes I know, hypergamy mechanics but still. That’s a lot of SMP losers out there when looked at in those terms.

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The Forever Slut

Once again I have to credit M3 for the well-spring of relevant posts. He definitely comes through with the red pill dosing necessary to address the current shut-eye most men are going through. The one feature of his post that I want to start with is his statement about Tucker Max being his hero. I myself wouldn’t go that far but I can definitely see the impetus behind him stating so. What jolted me about his post though was this.

It’s somewhat difficult for me to comment on Courtney A., the writer of the article, without wanting to resort to derogatory and slanderous language of the worst kind. I don’t know her and frankly, I tend not to give in to such responses when I encounter situations or accounts of such vulgarity in others. But this, this just really didn’t sit well with me. I know what most of you might think, that this is commonplace, mild even, in comparison with what transpires every moment of everyday. But the verve, the sheer unabashedness, the flaunting of such actions is what really gets to me. We have a woman who is by most standards average in regard to looks, pretty even (the picture is not good quality), but for me, whatever looks she does have are nullified by allowing herself to be the plaything of scum such as TM. On a visceral and physical level, I feel nothing but revulsion for her or anyone like her. If you read her article, peruse some of the comments. Look at the validation she’s gotten for doing what she did, the high-fives, the congratulatory and enabling responses that tell her that her actions are something to pursue, something to be proud of and parade to the world. She mentions that by the second week of school she was already getting flak for promiscuity. Second week. Let that one soak in for a moment.

What of Mr. Max you ask? As much as I dislike such degenerate crud, it is women who preselect them and choose to let them tickle their cervixes. That’s right, out of all men out there, such men are the chosen, the validated, the rewarded.


I remember well the frustration of getting nowhere with women, the lonely nights that stretched out seemingly without end. I remember seeing the coarsest, crudest and to my thinking, the most undeserving males fawned over by HB8’s and above, knowing that they were getting pistoned by the same riffraff on a daily basis.

Meanwhile all around me I would see and hear from women finding themselves in between serial pumpings state that there weren’t any good men left.

The feminist imperative of having it all; noncommittal sex while in the prime of youth, unquestioned validation; inconsequential serial hypergamy, orbiters to spare, post-carousel prospects and an SMP that amplifies such solipsism handed to her on a platter; that she should unrestrainedly pursue her sexuality the same as a man would while countless hardworking, honest, responsible, sensible and deserving men found themselves alone, unloved and without hope would light an uneasy fire in the pit of my stomach. Of course, males of the beta variety don’t elicit the tingles in your typical snowflakey princess like the alphas and some omegas do. So much the worse for the betas…

Looking at women like Courtney A. that don’t mind (that seek out and compete over actually) males like Tucker Max degrading them and discarding them like so much garbage makes me want to help speed up the decline that we are witnessing in the relations between the sexes in any way I can.

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What It’s Like

I’ve been meaning to write about a seminal post of M3’s since it dropped as it’s been on my mind as of late. M3 himself has mentioned he’s taken aback by the impact it’s had with readers. I’ll admit that it also hit close to home. Closer than I’d like to admit, even to myself. Granted, no situation is identical but reading some of his thoughts on what his late adolescence and most of his twenties comprised of was heart and mind-wrenching. In fact, I could’ve listed off about 80% of his grievances had I set out to write a similar post myself.

There was a comment made on his post (and reiterated later) that the loss of time, attention, validation and concern that he showed to unappreciative and uncaring women unwilling to reciprocate even 1% of what he gave will never be regained. When it was crucial to have had validation as a sexual being, been shown affection, felt as being a love-worthy person, no one cared. It is precisely this that resonated with me and I’m guessing with most everyone that read his post.

I too followed a social and sexual script that fed the lie that all you had to be was “nice” and congenial to the opposite sex and you would be rewarded. For most of my adolescent and adult life I was fed a sugar-coated poison that compelled me to defer my own social, sexual, and psychological well-being to my own detriment, to waylay the natural sexual expression of entering adulthood for the insignificance of hearing things such as “not wanting to ruin a good friendship”, “make things awkward” or “not wanting to date anyone right now”. All the while, witnessing these same snowflakes turn around and offer their bodies and affection to the crassest specimens of the male species, their words still echoing in my ears.

Situations like this is what happens when men allow themselves to get lapdogged by women.



All over the ‘sphere, one is regaled with anecdotes from men of how they did everything that was expected of them in order to please and get attention from women and all they got for their efforts was years (decades for some) of neglect, LJBF’ing, loneliness, humiliation and a widespread sense of personal inadequacy.

Women truly have no idea what it’s like for a man in the midst of the purgatory that is involuntary celibacy. M3, along with so many others, have succinctly conveyed some of the feelings that accompany this state so I won’t really go much into it here. Suffice it to say that once one becomes wise to the Western (global really) sexual milieu there really is no going back. What’s curious though is that men that are still pre-Red are aware at some level that things in the SMP just aren’t altogether peachy. I know I was. There is an awareness of the growing malaise in inter-sexual relations everywhere but the current sexual climate blinds the majority of people as to its ruinous effects, which is why it is so important for men to share with one another their stories and knowledge.

If you haven’t yet, go and read M3’s post (link above). Better yet, share your own stories with other men you think might benefit from them.

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Against the Feminine

The entry for the word “feminine” in the Oxford dictionary includes the definition:


1. Having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.

Another popular dictionary states:

2. Characteristic of or appropriate or unique to women.

Now, think of the instances in your day to day life that these views on what constitutes the feminine are fostered or discouraged when applied to the women you encounter or have any relation to, whether socially, through work, school or any other sphere where you can interact with them at some level. Chances are that truly feminine women, women that complement a man’s masculinity by dint of their intrinsic nurturing and attractive nature are the exception in the experience of most men.

I have known and met truly feminine women. Increasingly, these women tend to be older, they are women who are not only beautiful physically but also have a way about them, a poise say, a self-confident manner that isn’t contrived or in conflict with the world around them. A woman of my acquaintance comes to mind in this case. I would guess that she is in her early fifties. She is thin but alluringly so. She dresses tastefully with a slightly formal attention to detail but even when casual her clothing looks effortlessly flattering. She always beams me a smile and offers kind words to boot. She is engaging without coming across as insincere and we always have a pleasant exchange. I can count the number of women I know that even remotely resemble this description on both hands. And no, this isn’t pedestalizing on my part. A man who appreciates and recognizes the feminine can’t help but react when in the presence of it, just as a woman who appreciates and acknowledges the masculine will respond in kind. Which leads me to feminism and its sophistic premises, the least of which is its defining monicker. Judging by its name, one would think that feminism as an ideology would promote the qualities of bringing about more femininity in its adherents but if you did, you couldn’t be more wrong. Feminism, at least Fourth Wave feminism, has as its mandate the ignominious task of dismantling what millennia of social, psychological and evolutionary adaptations painstakingly brought about. For them I have nothing but words of encouragement in their task. All they will succeed in doing is to hasten the collapse of their debacle and leave everyone else to pick up the pieces left in their wake.

And how are feminists going about their war on femininity? Well, for starters, by championing  the superfluousness of men as partners in every sense and the self-sufficiency of women in every sphere of life; by advocating that women can do it all just as well or better than any man; by urging women to compete like men but without any of the camaraderie or sportsmanship employed by men to temper such endeavours; by condoning the sexual promiscuity and misandry of women when it comes to mate choice; by dissuading women in their efforts to appear attractive to the opposite sex (if he doesn’t like your excess baggage or your frumpy clothing then he doesn’t deserve you!); by sanctioning the entitlement princess syndrome so prevalent among the population of Western women; by bolstering the belief that a woman can have a family, a career, a rich social life and that men are a detriment to having such things and on it goes.

Women need to understand that the feminine not only attracts the masculine but that it’s opposite, that is to say, churlishness and hostility repels it. Men need to understand that truly feminine women are rare and must be accorded the distinction they deserve.

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Round and round we go…

Take stock of your surroundings and see if what follows applies even a little to your situation. If you’re a man, chances are that you fall loosely into three categories. Either you are:
1. Married (we won’t presume to say happily as only you can answer that query), in some kind of civil partnership or in at the very least in a LTR. If so, congratulations. You are in the minority or on track to being so in the foreseeable future.
2. Single (whether by choice or not) but hopeful that you will eventually find a significant other to settle down with. I will argue that finding yourself in this category promises to give you more heartache and disappointment in the long run than any other. There are myriad perils waiting to ensnare you and it is up to you to be discerning in your choices in order to sidestep them or at least minimize their fallout.
3. A man with options. You are beholden to no one but yourself and, depending on your moral code and ultimate goals, you are free in ways others can only aspire to.
I want to focus momentarily on the last two. I do so mainly because I have never been married and so cannot speak from that frame of reference in the manner necessary. Join me in evaluating your relationship and sexual history if only as a thought exercise. Are you satisfied with the quality and quantity of your experiences? If so, congratulations again. You really do lead a charmed life. If not, why would you say that is the case? Whoever or whatever you hold responsible for the outcome, remember that whatever results you got, they had their beginnings and endings in the SMP and nowhere else. The SMP is the arena where the relational battles between men and women are fought, or rather, for an increasing majority, where they’re lost and won by default. Regardless of sex, the SMP will assign you a place in it and will do so mercilessly. The SMP doesn’t care if you have good intentions. It doesn’t care if you’re kind-hearted, honest, hard-working or altruistic. No, it will not reward those who would make good husbands or partners early in their adult lives or show promise in being so in the future. What it will do is reward cad-like behaviour. It will favour those who act like assholes to women, those who use women sexually and emotionally at their whim. The pump ‘n’ dump mentality will not only be rewarded in spades by women but eagerly sought out before the shelf life of the current experience has expired. Women (feminists especially) vociferate loudly against these conditions but keep in mind that these situations are exacerbated by women themselves. If enough women would guard against facilitating these same conditions, their occurrence wouldn’t be so prevalent. Conditions in the SMP are such that non-game, non- PUA men who otherwise find that they still want women, still want relationships with women are on the sidelines, wallflowered by default with no recourse but to see the dance play out in front of them.
In contrast, for a man who is seen by women as being of high status, the world, at least sexually, is his oyster. Such a man is not limited by the conditions that beset his lower status, beta peers. Not only is he assigned a different status in the SMP, he helps bolster and set the markers by which others are measured within it. An alpha or otherwise high status male will have the pick of the lot when it comes to women, and as his status affords him ever more choice, the less he will be inclined to assign any significant value to an individual woman. As with quite a few other things in the SMP, you will see an inverse relationship when it comes to the value of individuals the more they are seen as options. For instance, what is the value of a McFling or otherwise casual hook-up? It depends. At the bottom of the scale, aside from the small time commitment, pretty much nothing as that is what an alpha will usually give up for an all-access pass to a woman’s vagina. And at the top? Well, pretty much nothing also as non-alpha or non-game men need not apply, unless you happen to be a beta orbiter or an emotional tampon that she can use at her whim for hamster feeding which will emasculate you in her mind near the scale of handing over your man bits to her on a platter. Keep in mind an high status male would never belittle himself as to be the shoulder a woman would cry on after never hearing back from the latest stud she allowed to blitzkrieg her erogenous zones. An alpha would rather feed her his dangleberries while still intact.
It would seem that women just don’t get it (and a lot of men too for that matter). Basic economics dictates that the more scarce something is, the higher the price it will be assigned by those who value it. When women are sexually promiscuous, their value as long-term partners in which men commit all their resources plummets. Why is this so? Well, despite the wishes of feminists, countless generations of evolutionary psychology and social environment conditions have adapted men and women to respond to certain traits when it comes to mate selection and despite all the foot stomping and ire from some camps, this state of affairs won’t be undone as long as women and men can reproduce sexually, let alone be done away with in the time frame of a century. Evolutionarily, women’s value as mates rests primarily in their youth and beauty (and childlessness prior to marriage or its equivalent I might add). Feminism, in the last century has systematically worked to jettison the sexual, social and psychological differences between the sexes and even the genetic parameters by which that difference is measured. It seems that in their search for equal opportunity, some feminists have equated equality of worth with preemption of identity. Some feminists claim that no sphere of action, no area of competition should be barred from them. They eschew any opinion to the contrary as an affront to their agency and self-realization. What man would want a woman who claims to be capable of doing everything he can do and of doing it better? What man would want a woman who claims not to need him emotionally, physically or in any other way? Certainly not me and judging by the number of men dropping out or GTOW, certainly not them either. Of course, they are “strong” women so they’ve got their independence and freedom to fall back on when times are tough, or at least for as long as it takes to ride out their next dry spell. Another blogger put it succinctly when he said such women “have abandoned the best features of their own sex for the worst features of the other”.
Of course, some men aren’t completely blameless in perpetuating some of the ills of the SMP. I am referring to those who indiscriminately give of their time, money and emotional commitment to unappreciative and otherwise undeserving women. In a word, don’t. Don’t be a sponge to her entitled and misandrous ways. At the expense of sounding crude, don’t ever spend money (or any type of resource, whether it be time, emotional commitment, etc.) on a bitch you’re not banging. Don’t “man up and marry that slut already”. Who wants a 37 year old, busted up carousel veteran that finally wants to take the marital plunge after nearly two decades of finding herself all the while using up the best years of her youth and having left behind the apex of her beauty to reward the men to whom she was just a fun time. Just be mindful that if you do decide to put a ring on it, the stats say that the odds against you funding her adventures in Eating (it up), (not much) Praying, and (lotsa) Loving without you are about half. Don’t pedestalize women. They’ve got their flaws just as the next guy does. Work towards so that women will once again value the resources that men have to offer and maybe then things will start changing.

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Brothers In Arms

Deti has been getting some heat lately and I’m baffled as to why. From what I’ve read, he has been spot on with his pronouncements. I liken it to him having his finger on the pulse of the modern sexual zeitgeist with cardiograph precision. If you’re doubtful, just take a look at this comment of his on another blog:

You want to know the damage feminism did to society and is still doing to society?

It’s all around us.

Women have made themselves unmarriageable. They can’t or won’t pair bond to the men willing to marry them. The men they want to marry won’t marry them. (It’s nothing personal. Those men aren’t going to marry anybody.)

Men and women are passing around STDs like doobies at frat parties. It’s all out there, even a new drug resistant gonorrhea. Men and women both are increasingly crudded up and involuntarily sterilized by the various parasitic organisms growing in their petri dish pelvises.

Women collectively have been given responsibilities far beyond their abilities and moral sensibilities. Government has given women the power of life and death over their babies. The result? Millions upon milions of children slaughtered while in their mothers’ wombs, at their mothers’ hands. Women should not be allowed this Godlike power. It’s not too far a leap to women being allowed to end a live child’s life.

The unleashing of hypergamy or concupiscence on society has caused untold pain for mililons of families. Women turning up their noses at good men, holding out for the alpha. Women sexing alphas, hoping to parlay that sex into a relationship and eventually marriage; and failing most of the time. Women pricing themselves out of the marriage market by either waiting too long or racking up a too-high N. Women working increasingly demanding jobs, taking those jobs from men who can do them better, outearning men and making fewer men attractive to them, and stressing themselves out, making themselves less attractive to men who otherwise might want them.

And what of the men?

Average non-player men are getting women’s messages loud and clear. The message they are receiving is that women don’t want them. Period. Not for marriage, not for sex, not even for after-work dates. No, the average man’s utility to a woman is to buy them whatever they want, fix their flat tires and get them out of whatever predicaments they have found themselves in (so long as the woman doesn’t have to get involved with him). Increasingly, men can’t get educations, women, or work.

He’s told “get to college so you can get a job and find a woman.” College costs money and lots of it. What’s he to do, borrow himself and mortgage his life before it’s even started?

He’s told “be nice, and be yourself”. BS. Those are lines women tell men so as to identify the nice, dull, boring, dependable men, so the women know which men to avoid.

He’s told “go to church to meet a nice woman. There are lots and lots of them there!” BS. Church women are either (1) retread 29 YO + sluts looking for a dumbf**k beta to wife them up as they alight from the carousel; (2) hopelessly unattractive girls; and (3) entitled evangelical American princess “daughters of the King”. The first are toxic death to him; the second are out of the question; and he wouldn’t be able to get a girl from the third category even to talk to him, much less marry him. In fact the girls from the third category are the originators of what has become known as the “nuclear rejection”: the phenomenon in which the girl laughs at, loudly and pointedly shoots down or publicly rejects a man who kindly and politely approaches.

As the economy continues to shrink with men unable and then unwilling to be productive, the women will shout louder for more government intervention. There will be calls for more social programs, more medical programs, and more wealth transfers from men to women. The purpose is to make sure that women are cared for and have what they need.

What do we think will happen to a society in which we have millions of men who have no sex, no women, no jobs, no money, and no legal or socially sanctioned ways to get any of them?

And why should any of these men even try? If they have no chance of winning at the game they’ve been dropped into, why should they even play?

Hard to deny the logic. In fact, this could’ve stood on its own merit as a proper post on his site. Deti, keep bringing it.

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For shame!

I tend to visit the interwebz on a regular basis to see what’s new on the old ‘sphere. Mind you, the list more or less sticks to about a half dozen blogs on rotation with the occasional venture into a commentator’s links. It really isn’t a rabbit hole you want to go too deep into. Oftentimes you will get sucked into a spinstersphere mecca that’s disturbingly familiar in its vitriol yet eerily enticing for its surplus of rationalizing in spite of the contrary experience of those of us who have chosen to go the way of the red pill. One such topic that stood out right away was the practice of “creep shaming”. I didn’t realize to what extent this phenomenon is the preferred tactic of the wimmynz when it comes to denouncing the perpetrators of this most heinous transgression. One blogger in particular related her ongoing experiences of being approached by men while out in public despite the constant measures she took to avoid being thus accosted; wearing a fake wedding band, wearing dark glasses, using headphones, reading a book, sitting away from any man while using public transit, well, you get the drift. Reading her litany of measures to deflect any and all male attention as well as her responses to those men who dared transgress against her personal space, one gets the sense that she relishes being able to put these men in their place, namely, one far away from her. She went on to state that she has verbally berated men who persist in engaging her in conversation and that she feels physically threatened when they do so. Granted, she did recount an incident in which a mentally unstable man screamed obscenities at her but to equate all men as a potential threat to her safety is taking it a bit far. Certainly women need to take precautions to remain safe, especially when traveling alone, at night or in unfamiliar settings but to shame all unfamiliar men as “creeps” just for taking an interest or initiating conversation or even greeting you is not a little disconcerting. This blogger went on to comment further on how it is not her moral and social obligation to be a sympathetic buttress towards men. She is not here to be convivial, positively responsive nor catering to the whims of needy men. Okay, we get it. Or at least, more and more of us are getting it. It is a sad world where a man must think twice about addressing a woman he doesn’t know; where he will be, at worst, thought a potential rapist or at least, a “creep” to shame and flee from as quickly and definitely as possible.
Increasingly, I have made it a habit not to approach nor speak to women I don’t know in public and judging by the comments I see and the scenarios that play out whenever I’m out, more and more men are thinking the same. We are the heirs to a surly and stand-offish culture perpetrated by those that turn their noses at the efforts of the majority of men to reach out to them and engage them socially. If you are deemed unattractive or otherwise undesirable to a woman, so much the worse for you. Most of your efforts to get to know a woman who views you unfavourably will be deemed “creepy” and once you’re Creepzone©’d, there’s no going back.
Some readers might well counter that practicing good manners might help reverse this churlish behaviour from women. Well, it’s certainly an individual’s prerogative to try. I definitely strive to exercise good manners whenever possible but have had it backfire. At some work environments I have helped some women with physical tasks they were struggling with only to be told it wasn’t necessary to have done so or that they’re capable of doing them without my help. Well, it seems that manners are increasingly becoming an antiquated endeavour, something you read about people having used in the past but no longer relevant to the modern age, but I digress. Are empathy and good social graces above the grasp of most people nowadays? Must one be mindful always that one’s friendliness with or interest in a woman can be construed as harassment? Apparently so judging by the support such responses to the unwelcome attention from men garnered this particular blogger. To cap off this sad episode, the bolstering and legitimizing comments made by men to the woman in question made me realize how emasculating and far-reaching this shame has become.

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